Monday, March 17, 2008

Webtide's Jetty for Android

Webtide, the main developer of leading open source HTTP server and Java web container, Jetty, announced today, at EclipseCon 2008, the first web and application server designed specifically to operate on Android. Jetty is the web and application server behind Eclipse Equinox and because of its lightweight and robust nature, it is ideal for embedding in mobile devices and platforms that require a small footprint.

The port is named i-Jetty and will allow Android users to serve data stored on the phone such as contact details, system settings and call log within a browser window. It also adds functionality that will let users modify and save changes, view and listen to multimedia files and make phone calls. The goal of these features is to let users access the information on their phones from more familiar web browsers running on their usual computers over wifi, Bluetooth and 3G networks.

Speaking about i-Jetty, Adam Lieber, CEO
, said, This represents yet another emphatic validation of Jetty's architecture and scalability. Jetty's small footprint has always been attractive to embedded device developers, and now with a Jetty server available on Android, we can truly claim to run on the gamut of computing environments all the way from mobile devices to high-end server hardware. We look forward to working with the growing Android community.

Android and Jetty have many packages in common, this alongwith the small footprint of Jetty made the porting task smooth.

i-Jetty is available at Google Code.

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