Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Security solution for Android

One of the first security suite for Android has been announced by Savant Protection. The company which specializes in intrusion prevention, has ported its security solution, Savant Technology, to Android.

As mobile computing gains popularity, threats to personal data stored on mobile devices continue to grow. Security professionals around the world are touting mobile devices as the next big malware magnet, and Android, being open and in the spotlight, is an obvious target. Savant Protection proposes to secure Android from malwares and intrusion with their solution.

Savant Technology assigns a unique cryptographic signature to every application in the system thereby not allowing unknown and unauthorised apps to execute. According to the company,
"regardless of the intrusion approach, Savant stops any and all crimeware at the point of attack". While theres still time to see how successful this solution will be, many more companies can be expected to follow with their own security solutions.

Android has not been subjected to a security review yet, so its not known if it will have any extra security measures (other than those inherent to Linux) or will third-party solutions like this one fill the void.

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