Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Google adds Gears to mobile

Google has released the first version of Gears for mobile platform, only for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 as of now. Gears allows developers to code for the web browser rather than the native OS,this saves the developers a lot of time and headache.Gears installs a SQLite engine on the client device which is used as a cache for storing data while the device is online. When offline, Gears provides the data in this cache to the web applications. The main focus is to allow you to do your online stuff even if the connectivity breaks in between, like offline blogging or surfing the web.

Currently only Internet Explorer is supported, but considering the dominance of Opera and the increasing popularity of WebKit, we can expect some additions.First couple of apps surfacing for it are Buxfer (finance tracking application) and Zoho writer.

Its interesting that Google has released the first version for Windows Mobile considering their rivalry. Microsoft, on their front have quoted to take Silverlight offline in the future, but currently focussed to bring Silverlight to Linux and mobile devices. They've already done it on Nokia.

When Gears comes to WebKit, it will surely be a great addition to Android with some new great set of web applications.

In the video, Google engineers Andrei Popescu and Dave Burke chat about this new development and its future prospects.

Via [GearsBlog]

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