Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Games for Android

OmniGSoft, a mobile 3D gaming company based in Toronto has entered the Android Developer Challenge with ten 3D mobile games for Android. Titled
"OmniGSoft Games on Android", the set includes 10 games out of which, currently, 5 games have been released for M3-rc37a, M5 is not yet supported.

The games use OmniGSoft's 3D game engine which includes MiniAWT- a cross-platform AWT , OmniGraphics - core of the gaming engine and OmniGroups - a real-time network communication engine.

Official word: "All games are designed and implemented on OmniGsoft's proprietary cross-platform 3D game engine that supports multiple mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Mobile and JavaME. Powered by OpenGL|ES as 3D graphics power plant and Android accelerometer as an alternative game control, these mobile games are aiming to provide the highest quality of 3D graphics and gaming experience on Android platform."

The Android screenshots look good. Theres a video of one of the games released, Super -G Stunt, running on SE
K850 here demonstrating the use of Accelerometers.

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