Friday, March 21, 2008

The G-Race - HTC vs Samsung

Race to the Android phone is on. HTC and Samsung are competing to get the first gPhone out in the market. While HTC's "Dream" is inching towards reality, Samsung has switched gears to catch up with HTC.

Earlier this week, rumors about HTC Omni(Dream) being THE gPhone were out in the wild. Now, we had the same news last year when CEO Peter Chou said about Dream: "We've been working on [OHA] designs for almost two years. This is the best one we've seen", and there was an inkling that T-Mobile could be a part of this "Dream" too. So why is an old news being made out so big NOW ? i don't know. In any case, we know that Android and HTC Dream are connected.

Coming to the other contender of G-Race, apparently Samsung doesn't like the idea of HTC enjoying the Android pie all through 2008, so they've stepped-up their efforts. Where HTC have their trusted Touch Flo technology, Samsung could well be using HAPTIC as their reference, 3.2-inch LCD screen (12.1 millimeters thick), supports terrestrial DMB services and has a 2-megapixel camera, take a look,

This is Samsung's first foray into widescreen touch phones to counter the threat of LG touch phones (PRADA, Viewty) in the local Korean market. Samsung is testing its products in Korea before going global with it. So it is quite possible that you could be holding a HAPTIC running Android later this year. Expect a rumor/leaks sometime next week.

Speaking of LG, Argo seems to be their choice for Android since it claims to provide full internet experience, which is the buzzword these days.

What is inside Argo you wonder ? 3-inch wide full touchscreen LCD with 800 x 480 resolution, the Touch Web phone adopts Quick Search Icon providing direct access to main portals, Internet hot key and jog wheel, has a 3 MP camera with auto focus, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD and T-DMB.

Google is enjoying every bit of this and the FCC auction results. They had open software and now, open networks without spending the billions and then theres rumor that Samsung is making phones for Google which will be branded as 'Google', something with a flip-screen and keyboard , so now, all they have to do is get the Android stack right.

Its quite obvious that the winner of this G-Race will be Google !!

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