Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sybase engine on Android

"Android will be one of the platforms on which the Sybase engine will run". Speaking at Sybase Federal Symposium in Washington about the company's new cross-platform mobile runtime enviroment, Raj Nathan, CMO, said that the company will be releasing the software to unify the task of data storage/management across different mobile platforms including Android. A Sybase subsidiary, iAnywhere, already has around 70 percent of the mobile database market, clearly dominating powerful rivals like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft.

The software, codenamed - "
Unwired Enterprise Platform
", will act as an abstraction layer which will allow developers to run their programs on different platforms wiithout much of rewriting the code. The runtime environment will do the task of interacting with the OS and hardware. The engine will make back-end databases connections through ODBC/JDBC drivers and have a set of device-management applications. Sybase will provide a plug-in to Eclipse and MS Visual Studio for the developer environment and will be releasing the engine in the second-half of 2008.

When released, this tool will allow the developers to easily port their data intensive apps to and from Android.

Source : GCN

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