Saturday, May 17, 2008

Android on Mimique concept phone

Android is getting onto new phones. Many small/big manufacturers have embraced the Android platform. The latest to join in is RKS, a South Californian company with their concept phone - Mimique. According to RKS, "The Mimique is a response to feature-heavy cell phones that look more like PDAs than phones. Playful and engaging, the Mimique's design marries the heritage of old-school cell phones with next-generation style and touch-screen technology."

The selling point is said to be downloadable features and skins, so the user need not buy a new phone for new features. "Skins will allow users to change the graphic interface to match their mood or preferences. Designed for users who don't take themselves or their phones too seriously, the eye-catching Mimique concept phone is poised to play a whole new game."

take a look,

Via [Pocket-lint]

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