Wednesday, May 7, 2008

TuneWiki for Android

TuneWiki has announced a media player for Android which features an iPhone-like interface, support for syncing with iTunes, and the karaoke-like lyric functionality that put them on the map. The app plays music with the ability to edit and translate karaoke-like synchronized lyrics, subtitled on video and audio.

iPhones users will be familiar with TuneWiki, the iPhone version has seen several downloads since its launch. The iPhone version has a player displaying karaoke-style lyrics in time with songs in the device’s library. TuneWiki has partnered with Universal to provide lyrics legally, and has ongoing talks with other music labels.

Just a thought tho, why copy iPhone's interface to Android ? Could have done something new with the UI.

You can try the app online here.

Source [TechCrunch]

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