Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The other side of Android Developer Challenge 1

So Google has come out describing the backstage events of ADC 1. Good to know what was happening when the whole Android community was wondering what would happen.

Dan Morrill, Developer Advocate, explains the details of how they got started with appointing the judges, shipping of the Ubuntu laptops around the world, collecting the scores and making sure no evil happened. The full story can be read here.

Its nice that they have opened up the process. This should somewhat calm down the backlash going on for the last few days about how the final 50 were chosen. When I first looked at the winners' list, my reaction was like "enh ?!" although it should have been more like "wow !". And going through the mailing list and the irc echoed the same reaction from other developers. I think when an app/idea exists on some other platform then the score for "Originality" stands at zero and when such an idea makes to the top 50...., I guess this was probably one of the reasons for the discontent.

Nevertheless, ADC 1 is done and over. Some are happy, many are unsatisfied but have moved on(possibly to other platforms). It will be interesting to see how many individuals return for ADC 2 or will it be a corporate play ?

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