Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ADC 1 finalists get early access to SDKs

The 50 finalists will be getting an early look at the SDK before a public version is released. Although, the participants will be bound by a NDA prohibiting them to give out any screenshots or feature lists. Google sent out emails to all the finalists,
As a Round 2 participant, we'll be providing you with the most up-to-date Android SDK so that you can take advantage of the latest tools & platform capabilities that will be shipping in devices later this year. These early access SDKs have many enhancements, additional features, and bug fixes. However, these SDKs have not had the same level of testing as public SDKs, so there are bugs; these releases are definitely "bleeding edge." As we continue to update the platform, you'll receive periodic drops of updated early access SDKs. We'll do our best to give you a rough timeline on when these early access SDKs will be available so that you can better plan your development schedule. Approximately 3 weeks before the submission deadline, we will provide a final early access SDK. You will need to submit your entry using this version of the SDK.

Since these early access SDKs are not ready for the public, you need to execute a special SDK license. This is the same SDK license that governs the public SDK with the addition of a confidentiality clause. We've attached the SDK license document to this email.

And like every other deadline in ADC 1, the deadline for Round 2 of submissions has also been extended to July 28th.

Via [HelloAndroid]

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