Thursday, April 10, 2008

Opera Mini for Android

A preview version of Opera Mini is available for the developer community to test and provide feedback for a later scheduled beta release.

Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, said: "Opera Mini will be able to empower users of Android-based handsets with access to all of their favorite web sites with popular features for smooth effects and scalable, tailored viewing."

The J2ME version has been ported over using MicroEmulator, which is an implementation of J2ME that runs on J2SE. Head over to Opera labs to download the app.

So, after trying out the apk provided, I noted that its damn slow. Now we all know that the emulator isn't fast n stuff, but all our apps do run at decent (and even amazing) speed and this was opposite of amazing. You would expect speed issues in preview version releases, but theres a difference of more than a couple of seconds between action and response once the webpage opens, hence the rant.

some screenshots,

This EditText is kinda big !!

btw, the app didn't start again once closed.

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