Tuesday, April 8, 2008

HTC Dream launch on May 6 ?

May 6 could well be the launch of the first batch of Android loaded HTC Dream phones if the invitation sent out to tech press is anything to go by,

Phonemag.com reports that HTC is holding a special launch event on May 6 in London to “Witness the next wave of HTC Innovation.” This could be it. Apple’s Worldwide Developers convention is around the corner and 3G iPhone is expected by June 4, HTC is looking at stealing some shine off Apple this time. The announcement is in sync with HTC's previous announcement that the Dream would go live in mid-2008.

Dream is 3-inches wide & 5-inches long, will sport a large touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard (slide or swivel style), and will be geared towards easy internet navigation.

We had already seen a snapshot of what HTC is upto in the recent BBC video of Android. May 6 is the date we'll know for sure.


Anonymous said...

Maybee they will announce the video drivers they have forgotten on their last models ????

Living Sword said...

that could be a part of the event. but i dont think all this hype is only for video drivers.